NENE x FELT|BLEND SS17 | june 2016

NENE x FELT|BLEND SS17 is the first collaboration between De Viltmannen and NENE.
In the small factory of De Viltmannen, felt is still created by hand. NENE x FELT|BLEND SS17 pursues to change the dusty image which exists of felt by not only showing appreciation for the material but also the Afro-Surinamese culture.
The designer incorporated elements of traditional Afro-Surinam culture, such as the ‘kotomisi’, ‘pangi’ and handcrafted wooden objects from the Maroons, to transcend the use of culture in fashion into a more updated and modern style.
By blending these elements the designer continuous the way Maroon artisan approach their work. They also infuse objects, materials, and techniques from outside their world to showcase their individuality.
With NENE x FELT|BLEND SS17 the designer pays homage to her cultural heritage and the art of felting.




Design & styling | Cheyenne Nelson
Clothes | Cheyenne Nelson, Mavis Nelson & Satcha Udenhout
Photography | Martin Janssen |
Make-up | Lois Broniba
Hair | Cheyenne Nelson
Models | Haddy, Muriël en Cheryl
Set design | Melisa dos Santos

De Viltmannen |
Clara Froger |