NENE is a design studio founded by Cheyenne Nelson in 2018. She creates surface patterns and illustrations for fashion, home decor, and stationery markets. Her process begins with making sketches by using pencils, ink or watercolor and then transforming that work digitally into patterns and designs. Her work is often described as a graphic clean style combined with hand-drawn and/or painted elements that make it interesting and distinctive. Besides designing artworks for commercial brands she also works with smaller brands and invests time in several self-initiated projects.

For her projects, she loves to get inspired by her Afro-Cultural background. She incorporates elements of the traditional Afro-Surinamese culture such as the patterns found in textiles and handcrafted wooden objects from the Maroons or the unique Surinamese flora and fauna. She also attempts to preserve and develop professional knowledge in craft techniques while combining her [cultural] heritage with design in an appropriate & modern way.

Seeing her artwork on amazing products that people use every day makes her love what she does even more.